Tips to Blend Two Families With Children

Trauma: The Third Person in Your Relationship

Severe trauma can cause some serious problems in relationships. If you have experienced it, it may feel like it is a third person in all of your relationships. It is always there, lurking in the back of your mind, waiting to influence your reactions. Here are some things you can do to keep that third person from damaging your relationships. 

1. Set appropriate boundaries. People who have gone through trauma are often triggered when others do not respect their boundaries. Unfortunately, these people often also have a hard time setting appropriate boundaries. Spend some serious time writing down boundaries that would be helpful for you. Practice saying “no” kindly and firmly. If there are people who don’t respect these boundaries (or who trigger you often and you don’t know why yet), it is fine for you to avoid them while you are healing.

2. Make an escape plan. …

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Gaining Custody Of Children After Being Incarcerated

According to FEAT for Children of Incarcerated Parents, about 150,000 adults are incarcerated every year in Canada, leaving behind 180,000 children. If you were recently released from jail or prison and want to obtain custody of your kids, here’s what you need to do.

Determine If You Are Eligible

Before you invest the time, effort, and expense of pursuing custody of your child or children after you exit jail, you need to make sure the court will even consider your request. This is highly dependent on the type of crime you committed. Above all else, the court considers the best interests of the child when determining who to award custody and is more likely to reject your request if the crime you committed indicates you may harm the children, put the children at risk of being harmed, or be unfit to parent the kids.

For instance, if you were put …

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The Toll Grief Can Take On Your Marriage

Unfortunately, a tragedy can cause a marriage to fall apart at a time when support is most needed. It helps to develop some understanding of how grief can impact a relationship and what to do about it.

Grief that Affects One of You

If your mate is affected by a loss, this can adversely affect your relationship for these reasons:

  • It can cause the mate to isolate themselves, and make you feel shut out.
  • It may affect their libido and desire for romance.
  • Since grief is an individual experience, you may be unsure how to comfort them, or you may feel inadequate to the task.
  • They may become stuck in grief and need professional help.
  • Grief can take a long time to be resolved, and you may feel impatient.

Grief that Affects Both of You

If you are experiencing a loss that significantly affects both of you, you must realize

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How Can You Help Your Child Through A Gender Transition?

If your child has recently expressed to you that he or she feels “born into the wrong body” and would like to transition to the opposite gender, you may be wondering where to turn for help in guiding this process. You are likely also concerned about your child becoming a bullying victim, and could use some assistance in finding resources that can help your child cope with any mistreatment he or she may experience while undergoing this transition.

Fortunately, there are now a number of experienced clinical psychologists who can help your child (and your family) adjust to these changes and go on to lead a healthy, happy life:

What types of guidance should you be seeking for your child?

Many parents who are faced with the thought of a transgendered child write these thoughts off as “just a phase.” However, some trans children have been able to identify their …

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